The ENDURANCE project is lead by OceanScan - Marine Systems and Technology in co-promotion with the Laboratório de Sistemas e Tecnologia Subaquática (LSTS-FEUP) from Porto University.

OceanScan's flagship product is the LAUV (Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), a platform with the capability to operate autonomously underwater, integrating various sensors and sonars. When configured with the appropriate sensors, LAUV is a very versatile, efficient and economical tool. The autonomous vehicle can be used for many applications such as oceanographic research, hydrographic surveys, impact assessment of waste water discharges, search and detection of objects and underwater structures, among many others.

Currently, LAUV has an endurance of up to 24 hours which is practical for bottom mapping applications but not for long-time adaptive surveys. Aiming o extend the range of applications within the reach of this tool, and taking into account today environmental issues, the ENDURANCE project  will adapt current-day technology to develop a new and innovative system for oceanographic observations over longer periods of time.

LAUV Evolution